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Development courses are the courses that include development or extension of anything it includes web development, software development, and many more you will learn here only.

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IT and Software

Information Technology and Softwares are now a days in a trend as almost every single company whether it is small or large mostly depends on the IT and various softwares. So it is important to learn something about these technologies.

8 Courses


Marketing refers to the Creating awareness about the product and company in minds of consumers and maintaining good relations with the stakeholders. Maketing has wider scope for everyone. So it is most important to learn something abou marketing, Here you will learn Digital marketing Courses, Customer Relationship and many more.

16 Courses


Photography is the art of clicking picture of others or editing pictures. Lots of people are there who want to be a Excellent phographer or editor. Here you will learn many more things about photography and  photoshop and many other facts related to photography you will learn here with the free certificate.

7 Courses


Business is the activity done by the individual or groups of individuals main motive to earn profit. Business is the art as well as science depends on the intelligence of person.

22 Courses


Design refers to create unique structure of something it can be any website design, application design, and many more. Here you will learn how to provide and create your unique designs of anything in your way with free certicate.

36 Courses

Personality Development

Personality Development have more importace now a days as people having more bookish and theoretical but they have zero or low personality feature because of this they couldn’t select for the good job with the higher packages. Personality development is must for each and everyone. Here you will learn about how to improve or develop your body language, guesture communication and many more.

2 Courses


Music is the art of an individual to play musical instruments and sing a song. Here in EOnlineClasses you will various things about various types of music. How  to play musical instruments and creates various types of music depends on the county say  melody and harmony musical theory and many more with free musical certicate.

19 Courses

Free Courses

Learn all required courses fee of cost and get free certificates also. Improve your personal and professional skills free of cost.

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Learn online premium. courses with us and get free certificates from eonlineclasses. All trending courses in one place.

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